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    House Cleaning Tip Of The Day
    Aug 10


    Tip Of The Day #4 – Cleaning Shopping List

    Next time your out shopping for cleaning cleaning supplies, we recommend using a few things that will make your house cleaning just a little easier.

    When shopping for cleaning clothes, never use paper towels. They tend to leave residue and small pieces of themselves behind. We recommend using reusable towels, or bar mops for cleaning as they don’t leave behind paper bites on the stove to glass services. Also, reusable clothes are just that, reusable. Being reusable they have less of an impact on the environment because you aren;t throwing them out when you’re done.

    The little sponge stain erasers are great as they are reusable and don;t require you to add any additional cleaning chemicals.

    Always use a toilet bowl cleaner. They are specially formulate to battle the bacteria and germs left behind (no pun intended) on the toilet. Not all cleaners are created equal in this department.

    Floor dusters are a great option when compared to mops. They don’t require additional cleaners, they’re easy to use and clean and don;t require a ton of water that could harm hard wood floors or tiles.

    We use environmentally safe cleaning products from Clorox Green Works

    We Use Environmentally Safe
    Green Works Cleaning Products

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