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    House Cleaning Tip Of The Day
    Jul 26


    Tip Of The Day #2 – What Makes A Cleaning Company Great

    In Vancouver there a lot of cleaning service companies to choose from. They range from individuals offering their cleaning services to large national companies with an employee count in the hundreds. But what really separates good house cleaning companies from great house cleaning companies?

    Some offer satisfaction guarantees meaning you don’t pay unless you are 100% satisfied. This is good, but a lot of times the home owners don’t always see everything that was done and don’t realize it until much later.

    Companies that offer these satisfaction guarantees typically can be considered top cleaning companies in Vancouver. However, not all of these top cleaner companies offer walk through inspections before you pay for their service.

    What is a walk through inspection? It’s where the cleaners that have cleaned your home walk through your home after the clean is finished, and you have the chance to inspect their work.

    To find a truly great cleaning company, find one that not only offers satisfaction guarantees, bit also performs walk through inspections that ensure you are 100% satisfied with the work before you pay for it.

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