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Everything was done on time and on budget!
September 29, 2015

We decided to use West Coast Maids based on the affordable pricing they quoted over the phone. When their maids arrived they greeted us at the front door and ask to do a walk Through Inspection of our home to see what had to be completed. Everything was done on time and on budget! Thanks West Coast Maids for your hard work!

The reliability of her service was totally surpub!
September 29, 2015

I had West Coast Maids when I was in Vancouver and now they are here in barrie! Wow! I can't believe it! From the time of booking to cleaning to finishing the job, Deanna was so pleasant to deal with on phone. I now have her maid services in Barrie on a weekly basis. The reliability of her service was totally surpub!

Your girls are terrific!
September 29, 2015

I called late last week Deanna picked up the phone and I booked her right away. She was nice to deal with and the communication level was lovely! With other services they rush you off the phone but Deanna was there to answer all my questions and then some. Your girls are terrific Dee! Thanks!

Last Minute Move Out Cleaning
September 29, 2015

I had to get a move out cleaning done last minute and Deanna crew was their to take care of it. They were affordable, detailed and the girls made me feel so comfortable in my home it was like having a friend over for dinner. If I had a question about the cleaning the girls were there to answer. We will be using West Coast maids as our cleaning provider from here on out!

Reliable and Trustworthy
April 28, 2014

I’ve been with West Coast Maids for about three years now and my favorite thing about them is just the reliability of the service and the quality of work they do. I’m not at home all that often and the last thing I want to do when I get home is to deep clean. So it’s great to have a service I can rely on. They take care of the sinks and bath tubs and all the little details I would miss.

One of the things I love is when I am here they’ll always take me through a final walk through to show everything is good but I can always trust them to make sure it’s always good even when I’m not here which most of the time I’m not. They have keys and let themselves in. They do the job and they’re out again. I can always trust they’ll do the job.

Fantastic Cleaning of My House!
April 4, 2014

I requested a deep cleaning for my home. It's not that big but at 1200 square feet it's still a too much for me, I'm a guy. The two girls that arrived went to work on my kitchen and organized everything in the cabinets. They teamed up and moved out my stove and refrigerator two things I was not going to do myself. Next was the bathroom. My tub and tiles were scrubbed and again all my stuff below the sink was taken out and the inside wiped down.

After they were finished I put on a pair of white gloves for the final inspection. The verdict? Fantastic job and this will not be the last time I call.

Moving From Los Angeles
April 4, 2014

I called West Coast maids last minute on a Saturday night hoping they'd have an availability for Sunday for a move-in cleaning job. Deanne was courteous over the phone and informed me there were no availabilities for Sunday but she could do Monday. The next morning, she called me first thing to let me know there was a cancellation and she could come in a few hours. She arrived on time and did a walk through of the apt with me. She did a fabulous job and exactly what I had asked her to do! The apartment was super clean and smelled great when I came back. I would definitely use this company again. And she was very accommodating on such a last minute request.

Excellent House Cleaning
April 4, 2014

Excellent job cleaning. Deanna got back to me quickly to set up an appointment and was to squeeze me in. Two cleaners came to clean my 850 sq ft condo and it took just under 3 hours. I wasn't sure if they were going to need extra supplies so I had vim and lots of bags but they didn't need them.

The entire time the ladies were there they were cleaning away and now my apartment looks and smells clean. I'm a little picky when it comes to dusting but all the little nooks and behind my photos were done. Overall the price was reasonable for two cleaners slaving away for half the afternoon.

Favorite Day Of The Month…Cleaning Day!
April 4, 2014

I've been a monthly client for a year now and cleaning day has become my favorite day of the month. Its nice to get home and have everything fresh and tidy.

The last clean I took my dog and my tablet and hid out on the patio while the girls did their work. There were a few things that were on top of the to do list. My self cleaning oven isn't so self cleaning and needed a once over My fridge and the grout in between the shower tiles needed a scrub.

My place looks amazing!

Didn’t Miss A Spot
April 4, 2014

They didn't miss a spot. I stepped out for a coffee and the work was half done when I got back. My bathroom was the focus though I had them tidy up the living room and kitchen as well. My yellow shower is now white which is weird since I thought it was yellow and not just dirty. Even the grungy shower curtain got cleaned and the rust stains in the sink were scrubbed away. The inner lazy in me is a fan.

April 4, 2014

I called and booked an appointment for a spruce up. Ok more than a spruce up. My kitchen was a disaster and when the girls arrived they didn't even snicker. They were friendly and made cleaning grease off my stove look easy. They cleaned the the stove top, the oven, and pulled everything out and cleaned the year old grime that dripped to the floor. I can be a bit of a slob at times. There I admitted it.

Deep Cleaned
April 4, 2014

My house has not been "deep cleaned" in years and things were getting pretty grimy. While my parents were away I decided to treat them to a spring clean and I am really pleased with the job that West Coast Maids have done. I especially appreciate the attention to detail, good work pace, and willingness to have their work constantly inspected. The place looks great and though the price was a bit more than expected (my house was even dirtier than I thought so we agreed that more time was needed to get the job done properly) - it is really nice to have the walls, baseboards, and crown moulding cleaned so expertly. I would recommend the West Coast Maids to anyone with a large house, a limited amount of time, and a big mess!

Excellent Job!
April 2, 2014

West Coast Maids did an excellent job. They where communicative before the cleaning, showed up right on time and did an excellent job cleaning our home. They worked with us around our schedule. The cleaning they did was thorough throughout. Our place never looked so good.

Really Impressed
April 2, 2014

We have been really impressed with the service from West Coast Maids. They are professional and thorough and we are very happy they use green products. I have no hesitation recommending them to friends.

Always Great Service
April 2, 2014

The service we get from your maids is always great. My children love coming home to a clean house. Thank you so much for your continued service.

Affordable & On-Time!
April 2, 2014

I thought being a teacher I wouldn't be able to afford a cleaning service. West Coast Maids has proven me wrong. They always arrive on time and are ready to work. Best wishes.

Professional, Hard Working & Trustworthy!
April 2, 2014

West Coast Maids lives up to it's name. The service from West Coast Maids is professional, hard working and trustworthy. West Coast Maids has been cleaning my house for years and their quality of service is amazing. Their management is superb and very accommodating with last minute requests. I highly recommend West Coast Maids for anyone looking for a nice clean house.

Very Accommodating
April 2, 2014

Week after week, month after month my staff has nothing but good things to say about West Coast Maids. Whenever we need extra work done around the house, they are very accommodating.

Great Job! Would Recommend
April 2, 2014

Both my wife and I run our own businesses. Our focus is on our family and work and not until we had West Coast Maids in to help clean our house, we didn't realize how much we didn't make cleaning our house a priority. West Coast Maids did such a great job, we have since had them back on a weekly basis to help with our house work. They are fantastic! We would recommend them to anyone that has a busy life or just needs some extra help.

Cleaned Everything
June 9, 2013

We were in search of a cleaning service to clean our house once a week. I found this on kijiji and based on the price decided to give them a ring and I arranged to have a girl over within the week.

I was hoping they had a list of all of the common areas to clean since I forget everything but we did a walk through and everything popped into mind. Everything was the sort of average stuff. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, disinfecting the tub/toilet and going over the sinks and stove top. They also cleaned my windows which I appreciate.

Stress Free Cleaning
June 7, 2013

I call them after reading the reviews here on Yelp. Didn't take long for a call back with a quote. My parents are coming in so I arranged a cleaning either Wednesday or thursday and they came out yesterday (Thursday).

Dee and her crew arrived on time at 3PM. I did a quick walk through of the house and pointed out all the areas I wanted cleaned and in just over 2 hours my 2000 square foot house was finished. Everything that I wanted cleaned was done and they even whipped down my blinded and the windows. Once everything was done the ladies wished me a good day and left me with a stress free cleaning.

Yearly Spring Clean
June 6, 2013

I got them to do my yearly spring clean. My house is a wreck so they started with the worst, my stove. There was a half year of pizza grease cooked on to the bottom with splatter all over the door. It's an old model with no auto clean... sorry. After 20 minutes it was spic and span. Next, onto the fridge and cup boards followed by the bathroom and bedrooms. Everything was scrubbed and tidied up great. Not on my list but they changed sheets and made my bed. It was already made - kinda, not really - but it looks better now.

Spring Cleaning
June 5, 2013

I've used WCM twice. I get a cleaning service 2 times a year for a spring and fall deep cleaning. Both times they left my house like new after working their asses off. Everything thing on my arm long list was cleaned and even my judicious eye couldn't find anything missed. The price was good for the amount I had them do so I'll see them again in the fall.

Recommended By A Friend
June 3, 2013

This was recommended to me by a friend so I called and left a message but my call was returned within a minute. There were two women that showed up and they did good work tidying up my home. They were a bit late but only by a few minutes so no big deal.

My patio has some grime left over from the winter foliage that was scrubbed off and they vacuumed all the cushions on my couch and underneath. I did a little dance when I saw that. I'm a firm believer that all things that "can" be done by me it "should" be done but working full time and weekends has made that hard. I'm sold.

My apartment looks fantastic!
May 29, 2013

My apartment looks fantastic! I used to be able to keep up then I got a dog. Then I got married. Then came my son. My PS3 time is disappearing.

The bathroom and back of the dining room are always the worst... where I crap and where my dog craps. I got the girls to start there and then the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. Didn't have to make mention to not use cleaning products in my son's room they were on top of things.

Wonderful Job!
May 26, 2013

I got my home deep cleaned and they did a wonderful job. The tops of all my shelves were dusted and tidied up. The odd spot of gloop in my fridge and my microwave got wiped. They even found a spoon that had dropped between my stove and counter which I was too lazy to get. Everything else I wanted cleaned was done to my expectations and will update if anything else changes. From what I've seen all I can say is wow.

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